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If you have no idea about Paypal®, please Tap/Click here.

If you have an already working Paypal® account, you know for sure how secure Paypal® is for online transactions, and you can skip directly to our drop-down list of available online courses located at the bottom.

We will contact you immediately after receiving notification of your purchase in our Paypal® Checkout to set up an online date thru whatsapp.


The following information depicts how your purchase with Paypal® works if you dont have an account there yet.

1) Once in our Paypal® Checkout Screen, you will notice a secondary button like this:

It can be labeled as shown or different, based enterely on Paypal® judgement for security risk factors as, and not only, your ip-address.

2) Please Tap/Click the button quoted before and follow all the security steps in the following screen as requested by Paypal®. 

Those steps may vary depending enterely on Paypal® criteria, so please fill all fields as requested.